To authors

 To authors!

While submitting the article to the Editorial Board, the author must follow strictly the following rules.
1. The article with the optimum volume up to 26,000 signs should be set up by the font Times New Roman, 14-th type size, one and a half interspace and be sent to the e-mail address of the editorial office; articles UDC should be indicated. 
2. The top of the article (surname, name, patronymic, scientific degree, scientific rank, position, and workplace (official title) of the author, articles title, short (56 lines) abstract, and keywords) should be given in English and in articles language. Such information as the home address (with 5-sign post index), contact telephone, and e-mail of the author is also required.
3. The article should be supplemented by the extended summary 200250 words in volume in English and in articles language.
Please, consider the following obligatory requirements to the extended summary.
It should be:
informative (without generalities);
original (not to be a copy of the abstract);
substantive (to follow articles logic);
compact (at most 200250 words)
One of the possible versions of the Summary may include the short repetition of the article containing the introduction, purpose, methods, results, and conclusions.
It is desirable that the Summary will involve the syntactical constructions characteristic of the language of scientific acts; avoid the complexity of grammatical forms; and keep the unity of terms used of the Summary and the article.
4. Articles text should be clear, compact, without long introductions and repetitions.
5. The article on the whole, as well as the mathematical formulas and citations, should be carefully checked by the author. The source of a citation (title, city, publishing house, year, volume, issue, pages) should be obligatorily indicated. The surnames of foreign authors should be given in the original transcription.
6. The plots should be presented in the electronic form (programs Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, in the EPS format) and must meet the following requirements: minimum volume (without doubling, e.g., the tables); black lines on the white background, clearness of lines and designations. The text on a figure must be given in articles language.
7. The tables should be compact and be named. Their tops must exactly correspond to the content of columns.
8. Abbreviations, except for commonly accepted ones (mathematical quantities, units, terms), should not be used.
9. The Editorial Board can reduce and correct articles text or publish it as a review.
10. The manuscripts published in or submitted to other journals will be rejected.
11. The Editorial Board will not consider the manuscripts not matching the above-indicated rules.
No. 11, 2017
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